Could Green Deal finance help you improve your home?

The Green Deal grant scheme, which was first launched in 2013 was originally a government funded scheme to encourage homeowners to make energy saving improvements to their homes and find the best way to pay for them. The scheme was stopped in 2015 but has since relaunched via The Green Deal Finance Company.

With rising energy prices and the long-term impact of COVID-19 still to be felt, there is no better time than now to take measures to reduce your household bills.

You will need to check if your property could benefit from a range of energy saving investments, and this can be done by either:

·         Using the Energy Efficiency Calculator at to see how to reduce the bills at your property

·         Check which home energy grants you could apply for

·         Talk to a Green Deal assessor or provider

The Green Deal carries a number of conditions that must be followed if a grant is to be accessed.

Any household with an electricity meter in England, Scotland or Wales can apply to the scheme. If a property is rented, both landlord and tenant must agree to the home improvements being carried out.

The Green Deal scheme can be used to fund a range of different energy saving measures including:

·         Replacing windows and doors

·         Installing secondary glazing

·         Using energy efficient lighting

·         Insulating your loft or walls

·         Adding draught proofing

·         Upgrading your heating

·         Generating renewable energy e.g. wind or solar power

However, these measures must have been recommended by a Green Deal Assessor. You can find a Green Deal Assessor or ask a Green Deal Provider to recommend one. There may be an assessment fee, but you must be told of the fee in advance.

Following your assessment, you will receive a Green Deal document that contains:

·         An Energy Performance Certificate and rating for your property

·         An occupancy assessment measuring your energy use

·         Improvements recommended by the Assessor

·         An estimate of the savings you could make

·         A statement on whether the improvements will pay for themselves through reducing your energy costs

Your report will be valid for 10 years or until you make changes or energy saving improvements to the property, for example, by building an extension or changing the windows.

Formula One Telford would be delighted to assist in providing a quote should you wish to replace the windows and doors at your property. Our in-house sales team are highly trained and will guide you through our products to help you choose the best solution for your home.

Once you decide what energy-efficiency improvements you should make to your home you will need to decide how to get the work done and pay for it. Your Green Deal Assessor can arrange for the installation to take place and you can pay for the work yourself. You can ask your Assessor to arrange for the work to be done and you can pay via a Green Deal Finance Plan. You can find your own installers to carry out the improvements and pay for them yourself or you can pay for the work through a mix of funding sources, e.g. part funded by a Green Deal Finance Plan and part funded by another scheme or your own money.

A number of other schemes do exist that could help you to meet the cost of any energy saving improvements to your home. These include:

·         Affordable Warmth Obligation

·         Feed-in Tariffs

·         Renewable Heat Incentive

The Affordable Warmth Obligation helps to meet the cost of energy saving installations to low income and vulnerable households.

If you decide to apply for a Green Deal Finance Plan your repayments will automatically be added to your electricity bill. This means that you don’t need to arrange an extra payment.

Contact Formula One now or call us on 01952 677999 to improve your home and reduce your energy bills.