High Energy Performance and Sustainability with Formula One

Embedded throughout the Formula One Range™ is our company’s commitment to sustainability and the environment. We deliver this through the energy performance of our products and out recently upgraded waste cycle management.

Thermal efficiency

At Formula One we manufacture thermally efficient double and triple glazed windows which all carry an energy efficiency rating of ‘A’ grade as standard, but for the most energy conscious customer we can achieve ratings up to ‘A++’ with optional upgrades to our products.

All products within our range are manufactured using compound reinforcements which meet high thermal performance levels whilst maintaining the required structural performance that Formula One is known for. For example, our profiles are welded together rather than screwed and as a result are more thermally efficient and provide superior strength than products from many of our competitors.

Not only does this mean that your house will be kept warmer or cooler when you need it to be, your heating use will be reduced and so will your household bills.

Our company-wide commitment to sustainability and reducing our impact on the environment stems from an accountability that we feel sits with everyone to conserve our planet for the future.

Reduced waste

At Formula One we continue to do all we can to reduce the amount of waste that we send to landfill. Our products have been designed to have the lowest carbon impact possible. PVCu is widely regarded as one of the most fit-for-purpose materials available to our sector.

In particular, we value its versatility – it has the ability to be recovered from consumer waste and re-used in first grade PVCu profiles time and again, therefore reducing the volume of waste that goes to landfill.

Reuse and re-cycle

The Formula One technical and manufacturing process enables the use of reconstituted PVCu material in the non-weather facing elements of our profiles. We do use new PVCu for the most vulnerable (i.e. weather facing) profiles so that we can guarantee that they are 100% lead free and 100% virgin polymer PVCu. Controlling the use of new and recycled PVCu in our profiles means that we can guarantee Formula One products have consistency in both performance and durability.


Contact the Formula One showroom today on 01952 677999 for more information about our commitment to the environment and the sustainability of the Formula One Range™.