Low Carbon windows and doors from Formula One

Climate change and our impact on the globe has always been at the forefront of business at Formula One.

The Climate Change Commission (CCC) has recently suggested new regulations for the building industry and the Government is leading the charge, wanting all homes (new build and existing) to be more resilient to future climate change and to have excellent energy efficiency.

With increasingly challenging regulations for the PVCu industry, we’re working harder than ever to ensure that the Formula One Range™ is low carbon, energy efficient and eco-friendly.

Committed to reducing landfill

Have you ever wondered what happens to your old PVCu doors and window frames when you upgrade and replace them?

For several years now, Formula One has routinely turned old end-of-life products in to granules to make reconstituted PVCu and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill.

This recycled PVCu is used to make state-of-the-art window reinforcing material within many of our new frames.

By allowing the re-use of reconstituted waste PVCu granules, Formula One has significantly reduced its carbon emissions without compromising on the quality of our products or their cost.

Fit for purpose PLUS

In its Green Guide the Building Research Establishment (BRE) regards PVCu as being one of the most fit-for-purpose construction materials available in the fenestration industry because of its low environmental impact. You can find out more about BREs Green Guide to Specification here.

PVCu has one of the highest ECO points for any material known to mankind, scoring significantly higher than aluminium, steel or soft wood. This is because it is incredibly long lasting and can be repeatedly recovered and re-engineered in to first grade PVCu profiles.

Older PVCu used to contain lead-based additives, used as a stabiliser in the manufacturing process. We ensure that this recycled product, which is clearly identified because of its different colour, is only used for the parts of our windows and doors that cannot be touched or exposed to daylight.

We can confidently say that all Formula One weather-facing/UV-facing surfaces are 100% lead free and made from 100% virgin polymer PVCu – that’s’ fit for purpose PLUS’.

Protecting the environment

Formula One’s commitment to reducing landfill and cutting carbon emissions is only part of our pledge to protect the environment.

All our standard windows are A-rated for energy efficiency, with energy saving glazing materials used to insulate your home, reducing heat loss and lowering your heating bills. With the option to upgrade to triple-glazing and an A++ rating, the Formula One Range™ has sustainability at its heart.

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