New CNC machining centre installed at our in-house manufacturing site

With a policy of continual improvement and investment in the business, Formula One is excited to have installed a new CNC machining centre at our Great Wyrley manufacturing site.

Designed to increase productivity and decrease production costs, the Formula One CNC machining centre works to extreme precision specification and even offers considerable energy saving benefits too.

The CNC machining centre is an advanced manufacturing tool that can perform a wide range of precision machining operations to an exceptionally high quality and with a first-class surface finish.

Offering a one-stop manufacturing solution to busy window and door manufacturing sites, CNC machining centres are more time efficient, reducing the time spent moving between machines. They also free up the resources of staff and other equipment on-site.

Dean Crowther, Group Commercial Manager at Formula One said, “It is impossible to overstate the benefits that having the CNC machining centre will bring to the Formula One Range™,”

“Having the right machinery will continue to set Formula One at the forefront of the PVCu window and door industry, providing our customers with the best products at the right price”.

Meeting complex industry requirements

Legislation and product requirements applied to the construction of windows and doors have become larger and increasingly complex over the years as industry standards have risen.

During the manufacturing process occasional mistakes in measuring and machining can mean that products are sometimes not made accurately.

The new CNC machining centre means that Formula One can manufacture quality products that meet exacting industry standards quickly and efficiently, getting it right first time, therefore reducing waste.

This will help Formula One to further reduce the amount of waste products that are sent to landfill.

What can the CNC machining centre do?

A short film demonstrating our new CNC machining centre is available to view on our Facebook page.

Particular tasks that are now carried out by the new Formula One CNC machining centre include:

  •          Perfect routing details on single and double doors for both lock positions and handles
  •          Cleaner locking mechanisms (excess waste profile burrs and swarf are dissipated and blown away by the machine as it works)
  •          Automatic slotting of draining positions and air equalisation specifications
  •          Setting position of letterboxes using computerised CNC auto set.
  •          Trickle ventilation router detailing by automatic air permeability in line with building regulations.
  •          Precision detailing of scribing the bars on mock sash casements.

In the past, these operations would be carried out using numerous pieces of machinery and would require the manhandling of doors and windows between those machines.

The machining centre also has the ability to slot-cut the galvanised steel reinforcements that we use within the locking bar of our products.

This means that the rigidity of doors in the lock or closed position is improved. So it’s a win for increased security of products in the Formula One Range™  too.

33% increase in productivity

Because of its capabilities, our new machining centre will enable an increase in both productivity and efficiency, meaning that future capacity can increase by 33%.

Maximum flexibility of design and style

CNC machining centres offer manufacturers the ability to respond to new market trends as there are no limits to the shapes and styles that can be made.

This means that the Formula One Range™ will always be able to offer our customers the most modern aesthetics and architectural trends in window and door manufacture.

Technical specification

The capabilities of our new CNC machining centre mean that Formula One has become more efficient than ever. We are also able to adapt and respond to new styles and designs in the PVCu door and window sector more quickly than ever before.

For the technically minded, the specifications of our machining centre are as follows:

  •          Servo-ventilated three-phase spindle motor 3kW Regulation of spindle rpm by numerical control – inverter (1000/12000 rpm)
  •          6 position tool-holder for manual change with pneumatic locking (ISO 30)
  •          Pneumatic rotation of the work table 0° to 90 to 180°
  •          Adjustable console with PC, Touch screen 15″ keyboard and mouse
  •          No.4 pneumatic vices with manual positioning and double pressure with safety valves
  •          MANUALLY ADJUSTABLE Profile reference stops on right and left of work table
  •          Micro-drop blade lubrication system using pure oil
  •          Chip bin
  •          Perimetric guard on 3 sides and front racing guard
  •          Electronic equipment ”Power E”
  •          Software licence for FOMCAM program
  •          FOMCAM training course (FOM premises)


For further information about the Formula One Range™ call us today on 01922 677999 or contact us via our website.