Polycarbonate: the new conservatory roof choice for you?

Standard glazed units have long been considered the first choice for conservatory roofing.

However, with advances in roofing technology the Formula One Range™ also offers a new selection of polycarbonate solutions that customers may choose to transform their conservatory space.

Polycarbonate is incredibly popular as an alternative roof glazing material because not only is it light and durable but because it is exceptionally strong. In fact, it is up to 200 times stronger than glass and virtually shatterproof.

All polycarbonates work to reduce glare and heat from the sun to ensure that your conservatory feels comfortable to be in whatever the weather.

Available in a wide range of specifications, colours and thicknesses, Formula One’s polycarbonate roofing will suit your budget, your chosen conservatory colour and will also complement the position and orientation of your installation.

The Formula One Range™ of polycarbonate roofing benefits from:

  •         Testing to Class 1 Spread of Flame Prevention
  •         10-year warranty for light transmission and breakage
  •         Superb thermal efficiency and strength due to its multi-wall construction

Available as standard in 25mm and 35mm thickness with colour options of Clear, Opal, Bronze, Bronze/Opal and Solarguard, all our polycarbonate roofing is designed to reduce glare and minimise heat gain.

Specific benefits of the Bronze/Opal colourway include a bright internal appearance even on the dullest of days. It also offers increased privacy due to the darker colour and reduces solar heat gain.

Solarguard limits the potential for heat to build up within the conservatory whilst still allowing light into the room. It also deflects solar radiation and reduces solar heat gain by up to 50% when compared with conventional polycarbonates.

This creates more ambient room temperatures meaning that your conservatory will benefit from more comfortable temperatures all year round.

When it comes to price, polycarbonate roofing can be significantly cheaper than glass meaning they can be a better option for people on restricted budgets. Polycarbonate is also substantially lighter than glass and therefore easier to handle on site. This also means that the weight of a polycarbonate roof will be much lighter than glass and will not create issues of load bearing in the design of your conservatory structure.

Formula One is delighted to offer polycarbonate roofing as a choice for all new conservatories. If you are considering investing in a conservatory and would like to find out more about polycarbonate roofing solutions, please contact our Donnington showroom team who will be pleased to help you. You will also be able to see samples of our polycarbonate range when you visit.

Contact us now on 01952 677999.