Professional, friendly and helpful

“We can already see and feel the difference. We’re very pleased with the work and all for a competitive price. Definitely recommend them”

Mr H, Telford

Formula One recently completed a job to replace old double glazing with new throughout the Telford home of Mr H.

The detached property also benefitted from a new composite door at the front of the house in the popular colourway Chartwell Green and a new roof on the conservatory.

Originally constructed from poly-carbonate a number of years ago, the old roof was draughty and had very poor insulative qualities. The new roof, glazed using Pilkington Blue Glass, immediately improved the whole space, making it more comfortable and suitable for year-round use.

“It’s warmer, no draughts and a lot quieter” said Mr H, who added that the fitters from Formula One were very professional, friendly and helpful.

With increased sound insulation and being easy to maintain, glass is a hugely popular choice for conservatory roofing.

Dean Crowther, Group Commercial Manager said, “At Formula One we use Pilkington Blue Glass in our glazed conservatory roofs.”

“This incorporates a specialist coating that enables the glass to help keep the conservatory space warmer in winter by deflecting heat from the home back in to the room, and cooler in summer by reflecting excessive solar heat away. It’s a very popular choice”, he continued.

The high-performance coating that is applied to our glazed roofs also provides an easy-clean feature as water runs smoothly off it, taking with it most of the dirt and grime that can accumulate.

Not only does this reduce the time needed to clean the glass, but it also reduces the amount of detergents used, which is a great benefit to the environment. Pilkington Activ™ self-cleaning glass also dries off more quickly than regular glass, leaving cleaner windows without streaks.

We’re so confident in the performance of our glazing that we provide a 10-year guarantee so you can relax knowing that any defects or issues that arise will be covered.

For information about any of the products within the Formula One Range™ please contact us for a no obligation chat.