The bespoke conservatory – uniquely yours

In addition to our wide range of conservatory styles, Formula One also offers the option to create and produce totally bespoke styles based on your own designs.

For instance, you may have particular design needs in mind that a standard conservatory couldn’t meet.

Under these circumstances our design team can work with you to create a  beautiful bespoke conservatory that completely meets your criteria. You might have to contend with an unusual site layout or need your conservatory to encompass a particularly large span.

Or you might simply have an imaginative idea that you’d like to turn in to reality. The design experts at Formula One will use their knowledge and experience to create a unique, bespoke solution just for you.


Some examples of bespoke conservatory options that are available for consideration by Formula One customers include:

Loggia – inspired by Italian columns and designed to deliver light, space, style and exceptional thermal efficiency. Loggia by Formula One offer a versatile and technologically advanced design solution for any home.

Ultrasky & Ultraroof – with the ability to be configured in any shape or size, to create the ultimate lightweight tiled roof solution, Ultrasky and Ultraroof offer a spectacular vaulted interior in your own bespoke design.

Livinroom & Livinroof – these systems offer the most versatile replacement roof on the market, combining solid roof panels and shaped glazing to create stunning roof designs in any conceivable shape and size.

Lean to & Veranda – these design styles enable you to easily maximise living space at the rear of your home or to extend your home and enhance its connection with your garden.

Orangery & Lantern – both orangery and lantern designs can offer the perfect finishing touch to increase the feeling of interior space in your conservatory. Widely considered to be design classics, these features will make a real statement in your home.

More choices to suit your style

Having decided on the conservatory design and style that you would like for your home, either traditional or bespoke, you will be offered a range of options to finish your new living space with the look you require. Choices include frame colour, glazing type and tiled roof solutions.


Frames are available in a wide range of colour options. It is possible to have different colourways on the inside and outside and you will also be offered a choice of finish – wood effect and smooth matt are just two options. Samples of frame colours are available from Formula One showroom staff.

Glass and glazing

The performance of different glass and glazing styles are what will influence a customer’s choice of finish for their conservatory. Glass is widely considered to be the popular choice for conservatory roofs for its aesthetic appeal, sound insulation and easy maintenance. Formula One glass units incorporate specialist coatings which enable the glass to keep your conservatory cooler in summer by reflecting excessive solar heat away and can also keep the conservatory warmer during winter months by deflecting heat from inside the home back in to the property.

Guaranteed for 10 years our double-glazed safety glass is also manufactured to minimise cleaning – our easy clean capability allows water to run off the glass taking most dirty and grimy deposits with it. We also offer tinted glass which reduces the effect of UV rays, and therefore helps to protect your furniture and fabrics from fading.

In addition to glass, many customers opt to have a polycarbonate roof in their conservatory. Not only is this considerably cheaper than glass, but it is also lighter weight and much more durable – being up to 200 times stronger than glass and virtually shatterproof. More information about polycarbonate roofing is available in our article here.

Glazing design options

Our standard glazed units may be the most popular choice for your conservatory, but we do have alternative products that are also regularly selected by customers to create a more bespoke look. Formula One offers a range of patterned and plain obscured glazing options which can be browsed at our Donnington showroom.

There is a lot to consider when buying a new conservatory, or when replacing the roof on your existing conservatory, but the team at Formula One will steadily guide you through the choices you have and the decisions you will face.

Contact us now for information or to book an appointment to discuss your conservatory ideas.