Why do my windows and doors sometimes stick? And other common PVCu questions.

At Formula One we are sometimes contacted by customers about issues with their new products. These issues are usually simply explained and are common features with any PVCu products.

One such issue is that of windows and doors becoming hard to open or close in extreme weather. As with most materials, PVCu products expand and contract when they get excessively warm or cold. If your windows become very hard to open or your doors are stiff when you’re trying to close them, extreme weather is usually to blame.

PVCu is known to expand in the heat.

In fact, it is possible to measure expansion of up to 2.4cm at 40°C. Whilst this may cause temporary issues with the operation of your doors and windows, it is nothing to worry about – when temperatures settle down your doors and frames will shrink again and will work normally.

You should be reassured that your new Formula One windows, door or conservatory will keep you protected from the harsh extremes of the British weather, improve your comfort and lifestyle, as well as giving your home a sparkling new look for many years to come. We build in durability and reliability as standard.

All Formula One windows and doors have been fully tested to withstand the very worst conditions. From scorching hot to freezing cold or driving wind and rain you can be sure that the Formula One Range performs.

Glass temperature

Another issue that crops up concerns the temperature of the glass in our double-glazed products.

Double glazing is designed to trap cold air between the panes of glass and keep warmth inside a room. If your double glazing feels cold to touch it is working perfectly to insulate your room by not allowing heat to pass through it.

We inject the space between the panes of glass with Argon gas. This ensures that your windows work at the optimum level of heat efficiency.

All Formula One windows and doors use a German engineered, thermally efficient 5-chamber PVCu system which creates a barrier between the cold air outside and the warm air inside. It has also been designed to accommodate our most energy-efficient triple-glazed insulated units.

We always seek to reassure those customers that choose leaded windows about the natural behaviour of lead used in window designs.

Lead is a product that is known to go through a natural process of oxidisation when it is first installed. These changes are to be expected and after a period of time which can see colours such as blue, bronze, gold and green appear, will eventually settle.

Other changes to the lead can include temporary discolouration when coming in to contact with water, such as rain or condensation. Spotting and the appearance of white powdery deposits may also be seen. Again, these will disappear once oxidisation has complete.

The process of oxidisation can take varying amounts of time depending on factors such as the location, time of year, weather conditions and the purity of the lead itself.

We’re always on hand to answer your queries

If you experience any of these issues with your products from the Formula One Range™ or are concerned about any aspect of your products, please do not hesitate to contact our Donnington showroom for advice and reassurance. All our products are fully backed by our comprehensive guarantee. We’re just a phone call away – 01952 677999.