Your security is Formula One’s priority

With more than 25 years manufacturing know-how in the windows, doors and conservatory industry and over a decade of experience in research and development, the Formula One Range™ has never offered better levels of security and peace of mind to our customers.

We are constantly developing the security aspects of our products, so that we can confidently offer the highest standards of quality, design and security in our industry.

It is this commitment to manufacturing the very best products available that makes the Formula One Range™ the number one choice for our installers and dealers.

Secured by Design

We guarantee that all our windows are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 (this is the British Standards Quality Management system). All hardware that we install (handles, hinges, locking mechanisms etc) must conform to PAS 24, which guarantees enhanced security performance.

Formula One is proud to carry endorsement by the Association of Chief Police Officers specification “Secured by Design” for our windows and doors. Our products can be upgraded to achieve these security endorsements – just speak to our showroom staff who can advise you about upgrade options.

Additionally, all our windows are fitted with Stay Guards which offer hinge side protection that is as strong as the lock-side of the frame when sash openings are closed. This means that there is no weak point around the perimeter of a window frame that might be susceptible to a breach.

Attention to every detail

At Formula One we are confident that our products have been developed with attention to every possible detail – nothing is overlooked.


All our hinges meet the strict performance requirements of PAS 24.


Our glazing units are tested to BS EN1279 – 2 & 3 / BS EN12150. This ensures that units are suitable for their intended use and covers thermal properties, visual quality and allowable tolerances.


Every handle that we use is die cast for supreme strength and durability and have 1,000 hours protection testing.


All our profiles are internally beaded, meaning that it is impossible for glazed panels to be removed from the outside. Our profiles are made from high performance PVCu conforming to BS EN12608:2003. This ensures that they are extruded to a defined European standard of quality and consistency in terms of aesthetic appearance, dimensions, colour fastness and weld strength.


These are made to a Police preferred specification “Secure by Design”, which exceeds PAS 24 requirements.

Door locks

All Formula One door locks include deep throw stainless steel hook bolts, deep throw deadbolts, a centre latching facility with a centre hook and roller cams interspersed along the length of the lock, with a stainless-steel faceplate.

Combination locking ensures the provision of enhanced security, weather proofing and keeps unwanted visitors out of your property. All our locks locate in to high tensile metal keeps for your security. In addition to these measures, Formula One also offers optional Anti Jemmy Steel Excluders for enhanced security protection.

Locking cylinders

Formula One products come with a range of options when it comes to locking cylinders on our doors.

Superior 1 Star Cylinders and Superior 3 Star Cylinders are both accredited by Secure by Design and feature anti-bump, anti-drill and anti-pick features. They come with a high security dimple cut blade key.

Our Superior 3 Star Cylinders also come with anti-pull and anti-screw features due to their sacrificial face.

Depending on the type of handle that these cylinders are combined with, their security star rating can be increased to achieve PAS 24 standard. The Superior 1 Star Cylinder can be combined with a 2 Star Platinum handle to reach this standard, and the Superior 3 Star Cylinder can be combined with a 1 Star Platinum handle.

In addition, for those customers who wish to enhance their security features even further, Formula One offers a 5 Star rating by combining the Superior 3 Star Cylinder with the 2 Star Platinum handle.

Platinum handles

All door handles supplied by Formula One are a cast model but are also available either as 1 Star Platinum or 2 Star Platinum. Both of these models are manufactured from 316 stainless steel providing excellent strength and durability against corrosion. The 2 Star handle also features a built-in cylinder guard for higher security.

Contact us now for more information

If you are interested in finding out any more about the comprehensive security features of our products, why not contact the Formula One sales team, who can provide in-depth information and guidance about the Formula One Range™.

We are available to discuss your needs in person at our Donnington showroom or over the telephone and look forward to helping you choose the best security features for your new windows and doors.